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Become the leader you know you can be. Achieve your peak performance with personalized executive leadership coaching.

Whether you are an emerging leader or a seasoned CEO looking for fresh perspectives and solutions, Shupe Strategics can help. We work as a strategic partner to help you advance your career or make improvements in your business or organization. Through an established coaching structure, you will clarify your goals and translate them into an execution plan to make them happen. Using tried and tested tools and strategies, you will drive your business or organization toward greater results. Let’s connect for a conversation about how coaching can move your agenda forward.

A few common challenges we’ve helped clients solve:

I’m a new CEO. How do I establish myself as a credible leader and create the right culture for my company?

I got promoted, but what I’ve done in the past doesn’t seem to be working for me now. What new skills do I need and how do I develop them?

I’m encountering a multitude of challenges starting a new venture. How do I prioritize and chart a path through them all?

How can I help my team work better together and focus on the vision of our organization?

I feel overwhelmed with work and responsibilities. Life is passing me by. How can I prioritize and delegate better so I can get some balance in my life?

I’m struggling to keep my best employees. How do I build an organization where people want to stay?

If you see yourself in any of these scenarios, coaching and advising might be right for you. Let’s connect for a brief consultation.

Practical, personalized guidance for leaders in non-profits, health care, government, philanthropy, and the private sector

Being an executive coach, guiding and encouraging leaders as they grow their innate talents and abilities, is a humbling and inspiring experience. My passion is to see clients find their leadership sweet spot and finally achieve their stretch goals.

– Suzie Shupe

About Our Founder, Suzie Shupe

Shupe Strategic’s effectiveness stems from founder Suzie Shupe’s 25+ years of experience as an executive building successful organizations and programs from the ground up.

As a lawyer and executive in the non-profit and health care fields, Suzie pursued a personal mission to improve the quality of life for children and families through improved public policy and better services. She founded successful non-profit organizations, including a Pediatric Dental Surgery Center, served as Executive Director of a key health policy and advocacy organization, and served as the Chief Executive Officer of an association of health centers in Northern California. With years of experience in consulting, advising, and coaching, Suzie’s clients span many industries, including professional services, healthcare, philanthropy, government, and non-profits.

What Our Clients Say…

“Suzie provides the full-package: a safe space to question and explore both challenges and goals; an understanding of business originating from her own experience; coaching skills allowing her to ask the most effective questions at just the right moment, and the patience, creativity and professionalism to ensure targeted, significant progress. I can’t recommend Suzie highly enough.”

“Suzie has a great background in management and leadership, which gives her the business acumen and experience to work with senior leaders.”

“Suzie’s presence and attention to crucial details helped me find balanced solutions to address my executive team’s critical challenges. I will work with her for future needs and highly recommend her as an executive coach.”

“Suzie speaks with decades of experience, exuding a calm and reassuring command of the executive world. Her incisive, perceptive questioning helps lead clients to our own solutions. Suzie is direct and clear. She points out pitfalls and shines a light on solutions. Suzie sees the big picture and the most minute details simultaneously. She cares deeply about people and causes. Coaching with Suzie is a process, one that makes you better at being the leader you are.”

Send us an email and we’ll set up a brief call to discuss what executive coaching and advising looks like and how you can benefit from the coaching process.